Nutrition guidance and advice

Heather Lylyk teaching a client how to read a food label
Heather Lylyk teaches clients how to plan their nutrition, helps clients make a meal plan and motivates clients to eat healthy

My philosophy is that good nutrition leads to optimum performance. Regardless if you are an athlete training for competition, a fitness enthusiast or someone just learning what physical activity is all about, your nutrition will play a vital role in your success and enjoyment.

Nutrition Guidelines

Once we establish your eating patterns, regular food choices and goals we will work together to design a balanced nutritional guideline. I encourage a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, and will teach you about food properties, how to read nutrition labels, and how to prepare foods properly. You will leave with a pile of healthy, fast, and tasty recipes and food combinations to help you get started.

Nutrition Program

Life is busy and taking the time to eat and make wise food choices can easily get pushed to the bottom of your list of things to do. If you would prefer more specific nutritional guidance I will design you a balanced and comprehensive 12-week menu plan. The primary focus of the program is to teach you how to eat properly, regularly and to make good nutrition a habit for the rest of your life.