Take action on your health!

Welcome to a New Year!  Sometimes setting new a new focus can be overwhelming.  Let’s make a simple plan together for you to achieve your health and fitness missions for 2016.

  1. List 3 health objectives you want to improve upon.  It could be objectives like eating more vegetables, not eating late at night, setting an exercise plan, sticking to your exercise schedule, getting outside more often, going to bed on time, shutting off the computer earlier at night…
  2. Pick one of those objectives.  Now make an action plan to help you stay focused on your objectives. Once you have accomplished the objective and made it part of your everyday routine, move onto the second one.
  3. Keep it simple.  Most people really need to focus on the simple health tasks like sleep, vegetables, water….Once you have accomplished the simple health objectives  then start over with 3 more health objectives that are more challenging


Health Objective Number 1:

1. Go to bed at the same time every night

Action Plan

Set a realistic bedtime, minimum of 7 hours of sleep

Shut off all electronics one hour before bed time

Set a reminder 30 min before bedtime to start finishing up tasks,15 minutes before bedtime start bedtime routine

Be in bed by set time, sleep at least 7 hours and feel great everyday!!

Health Objective Number 2:

2. Eat more vegetables

Action Plan

Grocery shop!  Set a time each week to replenish the fridge

Pre-wash and cut veggies so they are ready to eat

Make a simple plan – 1 veggie at breakfast, 1 veggie as a snack, 2 veggies at lunch, 2 at dinner, need another snack or missed a veggie during the day?  Have more after dinner!

Health Objective Number 3:

3. Drink 2 – 3 litres of water a day

Make sure you have access to water you like to the taste of.  Consider reverse osmosis water or spring water or adding lemon for taste

Spread out the consumption of water throughout the day, one glass first thing in the morning before breakfast, one glass mid-morning, one at lunch, one mid-afternoon, one at dinner, one after dinner if it doesn’t keep you up at night

Bring a refillable bottle with you everywhere you go.

When you start to reach for the pop, diet pop or coffee, substitute it for water

I wish you a wonderful 2016 filled with energy and lots of action!