“As an age-group competitor in triathlons, I have benefitted immensely from Heather’s training sessions.  She always managed to develop workout regimens that served to make me stronger and more competitive.  Heather’s approach is grounded in a vast knowledge base and focused on meeting my needs.  She was always able to modify workouts to make them more interesting.  The workouts were challenging but her personality always made it a rewarding experience.  And at the end of the day – there were significant improvements in my physical condition.  Who could ask for more!”

Michael Brady


“I am endlessly impressed by Heather’s in-depth knowledge, her enthusiasm to explore and expand her range of services, her ability to personalise her programmes, and her empathy for her clients. I give a great deal of credit to Heather’s unfaltering encouragement, support and expertise for my recovery from a serious accident, and my continued progress. She listens to my personal goals and always finds a way to help me reach them. Most of all, Heather has been invaluable in helping me learn to take care of my whole self.”

Veronique Bequin


“After retirement, I noticed I was gradually gaining weight and losing body tone. Over the years, weight and body tone had never been a problem for me.  So, I contacted Heather for help. As a result of her program and her encouragement, I have lost weight, I feel better, I breath better, I think I look better and I have much more energy. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”

Mike Bouk


“Heather has been my trainer for the past year and she has really helped me to achieve my goals, and to plan for the new ones. My workouts are always challenging, dynamic, and rewarding. I went to Heather because I wanted to improve my fitness, turns out, she has helped improve so many aspects of my life!”



“I started working out with Heather shortly after my second son’s first birthday, and she quickly got me back into my pre-pregnancy shape. The group classes are an affordable way to enjoy personal training. My favourite part – the workouts are gentle, but intense and the results are great! Best of all, Heather really cares about all her client’s health and well being, it is her passion to keep people well and it shows! Thanks for keeping me Simply Fit Heather!”

S. Kinlin


“I’m in my third bootcamp session with Heather. The first two were just with the TRX system, I absolutely loved the exercise options. Now with the combination of Pilates, it adds a different dimension to the workout! Heather pushes her classes to the limits with various options and wants you to get the most out of your workout.”

M. Allison